Digital Display Solutions Smooths Stakeholder Participation in Boardroom

Water quality planning is a complicated process

Water quality planning is a complicated process which everyone has a stake in. Knowing that its municipal client required archive-quality production and a linked digital conference system, Digital Display Solutions, Inc. provided the San Antonio Water System with an intuitive and reliable way for board members and the public to participate in a critical element of the city’s future.

Digital Display Solutions (DDS) replaced outdated analog A/V systems in the fourth floor Boardroom, an adjacent executive Conference Room, and a cafeteria on the first floor. Since board meeting content is legally required to be sent to those other rooms for overflow participation, the systems now operate in independent and/or combined modes.

Inside the Solution

The A/V Systems are all interconnected via a Crestron DM 16×16 Matrix Switcher, so content can originate in, and distribute to and from, any room. Eagerness to participate in such technical decision-making necessitates the use of simple, intuitive technology that works for everyone, which is why DDS installed a MediaVision Voting/Conferencing System with built-in microphones and speakers.

Each board member also received a new 22-inch HD monitor. A Crestron Control System with two touchscreens included for integrated control of the boardroom equipment ensures efficient setup, redirecting the focus from a formerly clunky startup period back to the important matters at hand. Water-themed backgrounds were installed on the screens, making them user-friendly and thematically attractive.

Five Vaddio Roboshot 30 cameras strategically installed in the boardroom for image magnification and recording/streaming added to the project’s archival initiative and provided added production quality, benefiting those watching meetings from home. An often-overlooked element in custom recording setups, lighting, was not abandoned by the integrator in San Antonio. The dark room was not suitable for video, so ETC instruments were inconspicuously installed in the ornate ceiling. While most participants won’t notice them, they provide excellent coverage for the dias and sitting board members.

Not only was DDS responsible for setting up the ability to archive, they also needed to install graphic overlay capabilities. A Newtek Tricaster Production Switcher was used because it performs in both live-and post-production modes.

DDS, Digital Display Solutions
Impact of Digital Display Solution’s Work

Once the installation was completed, DDS followed-through by scheduling personnel training sessions. Once municipal staff were familiarized, they were able to use it very naturally, which was a huge factor for the project’s success. Even though this was a formal bid, each bidding integrator was required to design their own custom solution based on a Scope of Services designated in the bid specifications, on top of a listed budget. This challenged DDS to select equipment based on the best of class in each area, all while yielding to the strictest budgeting procedures.

Ultimately, the San Antonio Water System received two critical updates: a comprehensive display/recording system and a streamlined digital voting interface. While Digital Display Solutions performed their job with the utmost regard for the city’s investment, the real return comes in the form of smooth policy-making uninterrupted by system failures. The client reports no issues whatsoever after operating their new system for over a year.

DDS Equipment Highlights
  • Crestron Digital Media System with 16×16 DM Switcher, all transmitters and receivers
  • Sharp LC-70LE661, 70-inch monitor
  • Vaddio PowerVIEW HD
  • 30 QCCU Hi-Definition Cameras/Camera Control Units
  • Media Vision Fully Digital Congress System
  • Delegate Unit 5 voting keys
  • Biamp 12 input Audio DSP Matrix