Interactive Displays

An interactive display is a mounted device that enables users to make vibrant visual presentations and control on-screen data through digital touchscreen interactions. Available in a variety of sizes, interactive LCD panels are suitable for collaborative spaces ranging from small preschool classrooms to expansive corporate boardrooms

Smart Touch Technology

Intergrated Software Solutions

No Additional Licensing Fees

No need to use a receiver or headset

Brilliant Ultra-HD resolution

Energy efficient panels

Multiple Screen Sizes

Technology companies developed interactive flat panel displays to help business and educational professionals have the power of personal communication on a larger, more professional scale. Today, interactive displays not only allow presenters to share information more clearly, but their touchscreen capabilities also allow a more engaging experience for the entire audience. Interactive displays give you the ability to manipulate on-screen data, zoom in, zoom out, make notes, and highlight important information. Whatever you could do with an old-school document or interactive whiteboard, you can now do with incredible digital clarity.

Displays include:

  • Smart Touch Technology
  • Multi-touch screens
  • Brilliant Ultra-HD resolution
  • Energy efficient panels
  • Multiple screen sizes
  • Integrated software solutions
  • Software-agnostic panels that support a wide range of platforms and programs
  • No additional licensing fees for bundled software
  • Available accessories and peripherals

Along with all these features, we also offer our clients warranties, service and support, as well as other accessories and customization options.

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