DTS-AV Partners with Endeavors for State-of-the-Art Wellness Center in San Antonio

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    San Antonio, Texas

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    Audio Visual Solutions

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    Veteran Wellness Center

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Enhancing quality of life for Veterans: DTS-AV partners with Endeavors to provide AV solutions for new San Antonio center

Digital Technology Solutions (DTS-AV) had the pleasure and honor to partner with the Endeavors organization in support of their audio-visual and control system solutions for their new Veteran Wellness Center in San Antonio.  As a state-of-the-art facility focusing on positive, supportive, and integrated care, Endeavors offers Veteran services helping to improve their quality of life, as well as the quality of life for active duty, first responders, their families, and the community.

As a large, collaborative facility, DTS-AV integrated multi-zone distributed audio solutions featuring dedicated music streaming channels / zoning.  In conjunction with a custom programmed Crestron Control System, Endeavors seamlessly has the ability to select specific genres of music for each area, to include sound masking injection when privacy is required, as well as paging services. This is a feature set the Endeavors organization truly embraces and enjoys on a daily basis.

With digital signage a necessity in directing and educating Endeavors guests, DTS-AV integrated digital signage displays throughout the facility.  With the ability to communicate / broadcast a variety of messages dependent upon the area of the building, Endeavors is equipped with a versatile, and impactful means of digital signage communication.

With highly effective meeting spaces paramount for the Endeavors organization, DTS-AV carefully engineered custom audio-visual conferencing solutions for two dedicated conference rooms.  Consisting of high-resolution cameras, intelligent, custom programmed microphone / speaker solutions, Endeavors is equipped with technology solutions streamlined in operation, and designed for meeting efficiency, and success.

As the Endeavors organization hosts daily events, to include large scale town hall company wide meetings, DTS-AV was enlisted to design technology solutions fitting for a large divide / combine Community Center space.  With the ability to combine rooms for larger events, or separate into two spaces, Endeavors was equipped with a custom programmed Crestron Control System in conjunction with wireless iPads for effective, and simple control operation.  Featuring a display video wall in one space, and a large-scale projection motorized screen in the other space, Endeavors has robust audio-visual solutions for local presenting, as well as hosting large scale video conferencing sessions for town hall needs.  While the nature of these integrations is complex on the back end, DTS-AV approaches each project with the client, and end-user in mind to ensure simplicity in operation.

DTS-AV was truly honored to have partnered with the Endeavors organization for this meaningful community focused facility.  As a custom design audio-visual integrator, we pride ourselves in understanding our client’s needs, and crafting the most impactful, reliable, and streamlined solutions.