Outstanding Service and Support Options from DTS

At DTS, we are focused on helping you use technology to reach your goals. We offer a range of Service and Support options, including Repair and Troubleshooting, Preventative Maintenance, and Service Agreements. We also offer conference room rentals with experienced technicians who can support advanced presentation needs in our space or yours.

Repair and Troubleshooting

The DTS Service Team is here to assist with all your AV system needs, regardless of who installed the equipment. We also work with all brands and products irrespective of warranty status. Our technicians will identify issues and recommend solutions, including repairs, programming adjustments, or system replacement.

Extend the Life of Your System with Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance is vital to product and system longevity. Our AV experts take a proactive approach to prevent system breakdowns. During a preventative maintenance visit, we will test and calibrate your system, inspecting it for physical damage, cleaning displays and filters, and checking for unauthorized modifications. We aim to guarantee your system is always working as best as possible.

Service Maintenance Contracts Offer Peace of Mind for Your AV Technology

Technology systems sometimes experience disruptions and issues. DTS doesn’t just install your system and walk away. We provide ongoing support to ensure optimal use and your complete satisfaction. Our installation services include the manufacturer’s warranty on equipment and a 90-day guarantee on our services. Our Service Maintenance contracts include preventative maintenance visits, extending the labor warranty to ensure your system always works at optimal capacity.

Our Experienced AV Technicians Can Help You Shine

Our team has decades of experience handling live events. We can support your meeting, in your space or ours, in various ways – from monitoring your presentation and quickly resolving technical issues to adjusting microphones and cameras for the optimal experience to controlling the music, movies, or presentation slides playback.

Let Us Be Your Host

Need a space to hold your next meeting? Our conference rooms offer spacious designs with the latest in collaborative technology. Outstanding quality in audio visual services, showcased eloquently in our conference rooms, is the cornerstone of our company. Video teleconferencing with the most dependable technology can be critical to communication. Utilizing the space to huddle without advanced collaboration is also well within our limits, so please visit our beautiful facility today!