Facilitating clients’ success by providing them with the right resources to match their technical and business specifications.

Video Conferencing & Conference Rooms

Stay connected from wherever you work with video conferencing solutions offering secure and reliable communications. Our conferencing systems are platform-agnostic, running on a combination of operating systems and underlying processor architecture. Answer calls from home, the office, and anywhere between with solutions that support Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and other major platforms.

Direct View LED, Video Walls, and Digital Signage

We offer high-quality displays that highlight what you want to be seen, where you need it – from Command Centers to Conference Rooms, Menu Boards to Video Walls, and Wayfinding Maps to Retail Signage. Engineered solutions utilizing the proper display technology based on your requirements.

Structured Cabling

Support your audio, video, and IT network systems with a structured cabling system designed for reliable connectivity and total integration. Our custom-structured cabling services provide the capacity and flexibility you need for future success. Our team specializes in complete system design, network cabling installation, certification, and more.

We create a communications infrastructure that is well-organized, easy to understand, and thorough. Your business will be wired for your current AV needs and flexible enough to handle any future changes you may require.

Contact our subject matter experts to design,
build and manage powerful technology solutions for you!

Room Scheduling

Today’s Hybrid Meeting spaces are crucial to conduct business; Room scheduling solutions provide a seamless way to schedule and reserve any or all of your Conference Rooms, Training Rooms and Huddle Rooms with beautiful scheduling panels installed outside of each room providing high visibility. Our room scheduling systems interface directly with Outlook and Exchange to provide simple room reservations using your existing Calendar.

Audio Systems, Acoustic Engineering & Sound Masking

Digital Technology Solutions combines top-of-the-line audio equipment with Advanced Acoustic Engineering to deliver clear, concise audio when and where you need it. Whether indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial, our solutions amplify what you want to hear, and conceal what you do not. Engineered microphone and speaker placement within each space ensures optimum speech reinforcement quality. From distributed audio/paging/sound masking to high-end audio for auditoriums, each solution is designed by our engineers to meet your requirements.

Room and Home Automation

Invest in an integrated automated home or office with Digital Technology Solutions. You can use today’s latest control technology to keep your home or business safe, friends and customers comfortable, and guests entertained. Explore the convenience and ease of smart automation with complete control at your fingertips.

Activate exterior and interior lighting, set internal temperatures remotely, and turn on your entertainment or conferencing system with the click of a button. Control environmental and security settings from your smartphone and enjoy an environment where everything is executed at the touch of a button.

Featured Brands

We use the industry’s most trusted brands to bring you the best results for your project success.

Lighting Solutions

Proper lighting is critical in today’s meeting environments. Great videoconferencing experiences depend on great lighting solutions. Our customized lighting systems provide proper lighting techniques which eliminate shadows on faces and make you look your best.

DTS offers advanced controls that help you take advantage of the benefits of today’s lighting automation technology. Our lighting solutions also add safety and security to your home or business environment. Turn on lights with the push of a button, adding safety and protection to your property from anywhere in the world.

Motorized Shades and Drapes

Discover the unique features of Quiet Motor Technology, a convenient, one-touch control shade system that operates silently and reliably with minimal disruption. Our motorized shades and drapes add beauty, convenience, and privacy to your home or business. Lower utility bills, improve security, and create a more comfortable home or business environment with our shade and drape solutions.

Assistive Listening & Intercom

We offer a range of wearable audio solutions to help people connect. From Assistive Listening, Tour Guide, and Hearing Loops systems for communicating to an audience to Wired and Wireless Intercom systems for team communications to Interpretation and Translation systems, we offer solutions that allow people to understand one another and communicate more effectively.

UV-C Disinfection Technology,
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring &
Temperature Tablets

Help protect the air you breathe and the space around you with UV-C Disinfection Technology, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, and Temperature Checking Entry Kiosks.