Assistive Listening

Deploy the Latest in Hearing Technology to Enhance Customer Experience, Inclusivity, and Brand Loyalty.

Assistive Listening Technology

Digital Technology Solutions offers clients the top choice in hearing accommodations with our assistive listening technology. Our loops provide tremendous benefits to people who rely on assistive learning systems and to venues required to provide hearing accommodations by the ADA. Also known as induction loops, this wireless audio technology is designed to transmit audio signals from an amplifier straight to an e-coil, which is inside most hearing aids. DTS-AV ensures you deliver clear and concise system sounds to the hard-of-hearing community.

Discover the Advantages of DTS Assistive Learning Systems


Direct Sound to Telecoil

Send sound directly to the telecoil receivers in your users’ hearing devices to eliminate background noise and improve understanding of speech and music.


Inconspicuous Learning Systems

Assistive learning systems are inconspicuous, remaining discreet while encouraging participation and inclusion for users.


Seamless Communication

Provide effective, seamless communication across the broadest spectrum of environments, from auditoriums and theaters to meeting rooms and classrooms.


Always Active Listening Systems

Once installed, assistive listening systems are always active, bringing the advantage to automatically accommodate one or many thousand users simultaneously without any additional action needed on your part.

Explore the Amazing Venue Benefits of Our Induction Loops

Digital Technology Solutions’ assistive listening systems provide significant advantages to venues of all types and sizes. Venues can reduce the assistive listening equipment needed for people without telecoil-enabled devices. They minimize hygiene risks, with fewer people using the same hearing assistance devices. Once installed, they require minimum maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution.

With universal access, our listening systems are an internationally accepted standard for providing hearing accommodation. Our loop technology also meets the ADA requirements for assistive listening systems.

More and More Businesses Take Advantage of the Value of Assistive Listening

With a more significant push for inclusivity, assistive listening systems are creating hearing-friendly communities throughout the United States. Today, you can find induction loops in government buildings, museums, stadiums, theaters, hotels, transportation hubs, auditoriums, places of worship, educational institutions, corporate buildings, and even homes. Take advantage of these transient solutions that maximize impact with quality sound delivered discreetly for practical hearing accommodation.

We Offer:

  • Hearing Loop systems for almost any environment
  • Bluetooth and wi-fi solutions using individual’s cell phones
  • Induction loop system installation
  • Our Assistive listening systems integrate with your existing sound system
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Discreet solutions

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