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Clear, Concise Audio with Innovative Sound Systems and Professional Installation

Audio Solutions

Digital Technology Solutions combines top-of-the-line audio equipment with state-of-the-art engineering and installation to deliver clear, concise audio where it is needed. Whether you need audio distribution for your entire facility or private conferencing in a Huddle Room, our AV Designers provide seamless audio solutions for any environment. Address noise quality issues, improve acoustics and speech intelligibility for optimal audio performance.

Discover the Advantages of DTS Audio Solutions


Engineered Audio Solutions

Engineered audio solutions enable total control of distributed audio throughout your facility.


Innovative Audio Accessories

Maximize your audio performance with state-of-the-art audio equipment integrated into your meeting spaces.


Utilize Acoustic Treatments

Utilize acoustic treatments in your meeting spaces to create a higher level of speech intelligibility.


Expert AV Designs for Improved Acoustics

Our expert AV engineers offer advanced designs for better speaker placement and improved sound and acoustics.

Improve Workplace Audio and Noise Control with Sound Masking

Today’s business environment is unique, requiring excellent sound reinforcement as well as privacy in open office and collaboration spaces. Using properly designed sound masking systems ensures great speech intelligibility along with privacy. The most effective noise control solutions consider room shape, ceiling height, construction materials, furniture placement, interior noise levels, and audio technology quality. DTS is committed to enhancing the acoustic profile of each room in your business to improve user experience.

Our sound masking services start with an acoustic profile analysis to identify the best design for optimal workplace audio.

Seamless Audio Integration from Professional Sound Engineers

Professional audio integration is vital to the user experience. Our experts build a superior audio foundation with robust audio designs that enhance audio quality, improve interior acoustics, and create the most efficient systems. Transform your workplace with seamless audio integration focused on reduced ambient noise, specially tuned sound reinforcement with proper speaker and microphone placement.

DTS Offers:

  • Superior audio conferencing
  • Professional paging systems
  • Emergency notifications
  • Sound reinforcement
  • Sound masking
  • Audio distribution system installation
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Acoustical engineering

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