Direct View, Video Walls, and Digital Signage

Video Display Solutions with Perfect Pixel Pitch to Transform Your Space and Encourage Optimal Interactivity

LED Displays for Every Need

Digital Technology Solutions offers video wall displays designed to astound customers and engage employees. We provide limitless opportunities for professional direct view video walls, lobby displays, digital menu boards, and more. Commonly used for call centers, corporate communications, retail, education, and emergency response centers suitable for indoor and outdoor venues. Choose from a range of reliable, efficient LED displays.

Discover the Advantages of DTS Video Display Solutions


Rapid Decision-Making Solutions

Advanced functionality to make real-time critical decisions fast.


Streamlined Visualization Management

Instant access, intuitive content distribution, and comprehensive control over your organization’s visualization systems.


Customizable Display Options

Various display types are available with a range of premium features and customizable options to fit your company’s use and environment.


Integrated Software Solutions

Specially designed software that makes all components work seamlessly together with stationary and portable systems.

Bring Your Business to the Next Level with a Captivating Video Wall

Whether using your video wall for advertising or information display, these solutions help you communicate information and get your message across. DTS video walls have prominent benefits in the fast-paced world of multimedia. Our highly interactive video displays add a visual punch that serves as a valuable business tool.

With exceptional features and a range of operations, you can streamline processes, communicate more effectively, and engage employees and clients on-site or on the go.

Improve Productivity and Workplace Culture and Increase Audience Engagement with Flexible Digital Signage Solutions

At DTS, we’re dedicated to bringing simple yet powerful solutions to your digital signage needs. Our brilliant displays are backed by cloud-based software that allows you to share content and integrate apps on one seamless platform. Create compelling content that grabs your audience and encourages them to read and engage with your message.

Our solutions help drive engagement and sales performance, improve production, and enhance workplace culture. Intuitive interfaces allow you to manage your communication network easily. With DTS solutions, you can inform, educate, entertain, and sell by connecting with your audience on a higher level.

Our Solutions Offer:

  • Brilliant Direct View LED Walls
  • Traditional LED monitor Video Walls
  • Designed size and placement for displays
  • Multi-screen options
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Cloud-based software

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