Smart Lighting Systems

DTS lighting systems provide complete, convenient control over your indoor and outdoor environment. Our systems are straightforward and easy to use, allowing you to control your lights with the press of a button. The seamless controls provide access from your mobile device, whether you are inside your home or thousands of miles away.

Lighting Solutions for Every Space

Lighting can significantly impact any environment, setting the mood and enhancing your well-being at home. Gone are the days of getting up to turn on a lamp or flip the light switch as the sun goes down. With DTS lighting solutions, you take advantage of complete control from anywhere. We pair our smart lighting systems with state-of-the-art technology that includes energy-saving bulbs, natural light options, colored lights, upgraded fixtures, and more.

In today’s videoconferencing world, proper lighting is essential to eliminate facial shadows and illuminate your meeting space in the best fashion. Our lighting solutions are designed to provide excellent results in your video conferencing spaces, from Conference Rooms and Training Rooms to Huddle Rooms and Auditoriums.

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