Make Life Easy with Automated Blinds and Shades

Maximize natural light, enhance safety and security, and lower energy consumption with our automated blind and shade controls. We can set the blind level to your liking or create custom presets that automatically adjust to your ideal light levels. These systems allow you to manage solar heat gain and lower cooling and heating costs.

Take advantage of the latest in innovative home technology with Digital Technology Solutions’ advanced motorized shade systems. Choose from various designer shade fabrics and on-wall controls that complement your home’s interior design and style.

Explore the Benefits of DTS Shades and Lighting Solutions

At DTS, we strive to bring you the latest in residential technology solutions. Our smart lighting and motorized shade technology simplify your life and enhance your living environment.

Mobile Control

When you install a DTS smart lighting or shading system, you have command of your home from the convenience of any mobile device. Forget to turn off the lights before heading upstairs to bed? Want to turn down the shades while you’re away on vacation? Take power over your home’s electricity with our seamless solutions. Our expertly installed systems solve all your problems and much more with automation that makes life easy and convenient.

Energy Saving

With our lighting and shading control systems, you’ll enjoy the benefits of lowering energy consumption. Automatically activate lights at sunset and turn them off at sunrise. Even as the seasons change, you can take advantage of the astronomical clock time to control your system automatically. You can also install interior and exterior motion sensors so your lighting control system is hands-free.

Beautiful Aesthetic

Countless toggles and dimmer switches secured to your walls are a thing of the past. Get rid of those bulky controls that ruin the aesthetics of your home and replace them with sleek, modern keypads that can control a single room or an entire floor. Our experts can help you customize an option that complements your interior design and enhances the aesthetic of any room.

Elevate Your Environment

Set the mood for a romantic dinner in your dining room. Give your home theater the perfect lighting for optimal viewing. Give your backyard a party vibe. Our custom lighting and shade solutions can be programmed with preset options designed to complement your routine. Your possibilities are endless with DTS lighting and shade solutions, and all our systems are tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact Us Today to Set the Mood for a Better Home Environment with Smart Lighting and Shade Technology

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