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Automation Services

Remotely control anything in your home from a convenient control center with DTS home automation services. Music, movies, lights, security, and HVAC are all accessible with the click of a button from your devices. Integrate your electronics into one seamless system with our professional AV experts.

Ultimate Convenience with a Smart Home that Makes Life Better

Your home should be a relaxing place that brings you a sense of comfort and security. At DTS, we understand the value of your home electronics, security systems, HVAC system, and lighting. Our home automation services help ensure your systems work for you in the most ideal way.

Home automation makes daily activities convenient and fun, giving you the time and energy to focus on more critical tasks. Turn on music and lights from your smartphone to set the mood at home. Turn the thermostat up from the warmth of your bed on a chilly day. With our innovative design and expert installation, you’ll have full command of your house from the convenience of your fingertips.

Take Your Lifestyle to a Whole New Level

Digital Technology Solutions understands that your home is as unique as you are. That’s why we take a customized, out-of-the-box approach to our home automation services. We bring you the latest industry technology and the most advanced products integrated into a convenient, powerful, easy-to-use system that will impress you.

Smart Lighting

With our smart lighting technology, getting up to turn on the lamp or hitting the switch on the wall is a thing of the past. The proper lighting can set the mood for fun, relaxation, and productivity. Entertain guests in style, make your home look occupied while you’re away, or turn off the lights from bed with our one-touch system that creates the ideal atmosphere from wherever you are.

Home Security

Get the peace of mind you deserve with modern security that can be controlled from your smartphone. Keep an eye on your house while you’re away, get alerts when the kids get home safely and monitor door breeches from the convenience of your fingertips. Our home automation services tie together your home’s systems to ensure total system control.

Heating and Cooling Automation

Program appliances so they don’t run simultaneously. Save energy by turning off appliances when they’re not needed. Heat and cool your house remotely for ultimate comfort and convenience with our heating and cooling automation. You can optimize daily temperatures to adjust automatically based on your typical schedule, reducing heating and cooling output while at work or on vacation. Take control of your property for energy savings and system longevity with our home automation services.

Single-Platform Controls

DTS systems have varying degrees of functionality and interconnection, bringing you complete control over lights, appliances, TVs, shades, security, and more. Control virtually anything from a single, easy-to-use control center. You’ll love the convenience and energy-saving properties of our home automation products.

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