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Fast, Effective, Chemical-Free Disinfection for a Germ-Free Home or Business

Disinfection Technology Solutions

Digital Technology Solutions delivers increased protection for commercial clients across all business industries. Since the onset of the pandemic, businesses across the globe have increased sanitation methods to prevent the spread of disease. Our unique germicidal lamps use specific wavelengths to kill germs, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses on contact. DTS offers proven solutions to disinfect air, surfaces, and water in a simple, sustainable way. We’re here to provide a safety-conscious solution customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

Discover the Advantages of DTS Disinfection Technology Solutions


Trustworthy UV-C Sanitization Method

UV-C technology has been trusted for over 40 years as an effective sanitization method.


Rapid Disinfection with UV-C Wavelengths

Using wavelengths from 200nm to 280nm, you can disinfect surfaces and objects in minutes.


Versatile Disinfection Solutions for Every Business

Our disinfection solutions are versatile and used in numerous applications to meet the needs of any business.


Effective UV-C Treatment for Bacteria and Viruses

UV-C disinfection technology effectively treats various bacteria and viruses, responding to all testing positively.

UV-C Lighting Offers a Sustainable Way to Disinfect

Our UV-C disinfection technology is a simple, sustainable option for sanitizing surfaces and objects throughout your building. UV-C disinfection is a physical process void of chemical residue. Since there’s no need to handle, transport, or store toxic, hazardous, or corrosive chemicals, it’s a safety-conscious solution to your sanitation needs.

Keep your employees, customers, and partners safe with a comprehensive disinfection strategy backed by proven results.

Explore the Incredible Benefits of Innovative Disinfection Technology

UV light disinfection is a safe, fast, cost-effective alternative to traditional cleaning methods. With several significant advantages, businesses of all sizes are investing in UV-C technology to add an extra layer of protection to their business. UV light disinfection is a highly effective form of disinfection that kills pathogens without immunity. It’s affordable, safe, and non-toxic. Switching to UV light disinfection can help protect your guests and employees, save staff time and effort, and give you the valuable peace of mind you deserve as a business owner.

DTS Offers:

  • UV-C germicidal lamps
  • Comprehensive sanitization
  • No-touch technology
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Surface treatment solutions
  • Air treatment systems
  • Range of applications

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