Video Conferencing and Presentation Rooms

High-Quality Video Collaboration and Presentation Systems Custom Designed for your Spaces

Video Conferencing

Digital Technology Solutions pairs world-class integration with the latest software-based video conferencing applications to create a unified communication system for your business. Our integrated systems support the most popular video conferencing software, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex. We even engineer systems that support all platforms within the same room, so you can collaborate with anyone no matter what software is required. We’ll introduce the perfect audio-visual tools to take your conferences, presentations and other business communications to the next level.

Discover the Advantages of DTS Collaboration Solutions

Improve performance for today’s hybrid meetings using high-quality microphones and speakers, enhanced video displays, state-of-the-art cameras and proper lighting solutions. Our collaboration designs ensure that everyone feels engaged in the meeting regardless of location.

Unified communication systems combine flexible communication abilities with state of the art equipment to provide meeting equity for everyone.

Our expert integration engineers offer advanced designs leveraging the latest industry technology to help you communicate with anyone worldwide.

Bring Business Communications to the Next Level with World Class Collaboration Systems

Conduct meetings from anywhere in and around your workspace with audio-visual integrations powered by advanced collaboration equipment. Our high resolution digital displays provide dynamic images that make it feel like you’re face-to-face in your meetings. Outdoor solutions redefine collaboration opportunities with weatherproof technology that removes spacial limitations.

Touchless Technology and Contactless Collaboration to Help You Stay Safely Connected

Touchless functionality plays a critical role in today’s meeting environments. Our engineered designs allow for control system buttons that don’t require physical touch by using AI and verbal commands. Utilize advanced technology to help employees safely stay connected on the go.

Deploy Innovative Audio-Visual Solutions in Various Workspaces

Training Rooms and Classrooms

Provide teachers and professors with high-quality video and audio technology that’s easy to use. Encourage active participation, creative presentations, and virtual learning experiences for students.

Conference Rooms

Make the most of corporate collaboration spaces with flexible technology that allows faster and smarter communications. Connect with employees, clients, and professionals worldwide to get the best results for your business. Create meeting equity for all participants in all locations.

Community Spaces

Create a flexible and engaging community experience with visual solutions that captivate your audience. Integrate advanced technology into existing spaces to give your community a powerful experience.

Huddle Rooms

Encourage and fuel creativity in 1:1 meetings, small group collaborations, and intimate client conferences. Use immersive technology to create a “we’re all in the same room” experience.

Office Suites

We can turn individual offices into high performance collaboration spaces with the proper audio, video and lighting equipment.

DTS System Designers Offer:

  • Superior video conferencing
  • AV automation
  • System Network Cabling
  • High resolution displays
  • Advanced security
  • Touchless technology
  • Latest collaboration software integration
  • Proper lighting solutions for Video Conferencing
  • Convert your existing Conference Room into a Teams, Zoom and/or Webex Room.

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